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J. Todd, Show Host & Anthony Telesca, Executive Director

J. Todd
J. Todd, Show Host

After working for a few years as a webmaster with sites that reviewed online casinos and poker rooms, J. Todd founded the APCW in Washington State in 2003 to provide the industry with a unique, sincere information outlet, one that would help ensure fairness for both players and webmasters through auditing online gaming sites.

Our organization grew at a steady rate for the next two years, becoming one of the most highly respected "watchdog" sites, identifying spyware issues, customer service problems, and recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars in player winnings and webmaster earnings from casino programs.

In 2006, everything changed. First, Washington State made running gaming sites a Class C felony, and then later that year the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed.

While many webmasters walked away from the industry, the APCW chose to fight. Educational videos were created showing how the UIGEA was passed, and who passed it and why. This soon led to news update webcasts, released every Friday as "Perspectives Weekly." These videos quickly became very popular and were carried across hundreds of websites and viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The APCW grew rapidly, doubled its membership, partnered with more and more websites, developed a weekly live radio show with Rounders Radio, and interviewed many industry VIPs.

In 2007, J. Todd was named one of the 300 most influential people in online gaming by the iGaming Business "Industry Aces Awards," and in 2008 he was voted "Affiliate of the Year" by casino webmasters. That year also saw the APCW launch the first social networking site for the online gaming industry, and in October our hard work was recognized financially when we were acquired by Casino City. Now the APCW had at its disposal a staff of people to help carry out our mission, along with funding to help enhance the effectiveness of our auditing program and the quality of our video equipment.

We've come a long way from the bleak news of 2006. With positive change all around us, and even Las Vegas casinos thinking about getting into online gaming, signs are good that we're getting closer to the day when Internet gambling becomes a legal, regulated industry in the United States.

A. Telesca
Anthony Telesca, Executive Director

Anthony Telesca has been friends with J. Todd for over 25 years and has been part of the APCW since its inception. His responsibilities as executive director include overseeing the auditors, the auditing process, and promotional aspects of APCW.

Anthony's audits, highly respected for their accuracy and thoroughness, promote integrity and transparency in the industry and are a great benefit to affiliates and online gaming sites alike.

Anthony also promotes the "Perspectives" videos through various forums, blogs, and social networks. Thanks in large part to his cutting-edge marketing efforts, the APCW videos are now the most-watched online gaming industry videos on the web.

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