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Ksa tightens policy for gambling kiosks

28 June 2024
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The fine policy rules for illegally offering gambling terminals have been tightened. The old policy rules date from 2014. In the new rules, the amounts of the basic fines have been increased, from €7,500 to €20,000 per device to €25,000 to €100,000 per device.

A gambling column, sometimes also referred to as an internet column or football column, is a device that can be used to gamble on location. The games of chance that are played are almost always illegal. Slot machines that require an operating or presence permit do not fall under the term gambling column. The number of types of gambling columns is increasing. It is noticeable that mobile devices, such as laptops and telephones, are making up an increasingly large share of the devices used.

The administrative fines of the Ksa consist of a fixed fine amount per device found that is used for gambling. It does not matter whether the device is used wholly or partly as a gambling column.

The fine amounts can be adjusted up or down based on circumstances found on location. For example, an earlier warning, a previously imposed fine or participation by minors is reason to increase the fine amount.

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