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Netherlands regulator sets €300 deposit limit for younger players

3 June 2024
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Today, the Dutch Gaming Authority publishes the appropriate Policy Rule of Responsible Gaming. The Ksa is taking a big step towards realizing a safer online gambling market. The main adjustments and clarifications are the obligation to ‘real time monitoring’ and the establishment of a financial dumping limit. This results from Ksa research among providers to implement and implement the duty of care. There are also changes to the advertising rules, following the recently amended legislation in this area (2022-2023). The adjusted policy rule, on a few articles, comes into effect immediately.
The reason and consultation

In September 2023, Ksa published a research report on the implementation of the duty of care and the implementation of it at 10 online providers. This research showed that providers do not always properly shape the duty of care, for example because they do not intervene in excessive play or a possible addiction in time.

Based on the results of the research and the recently amended advertising rules (‘Orka’ and the rol model ban’), the Ksa made an adapted concept of policy rule responsibly. To assess the feasibility of this, a consultation followed by stakeholders from the gambling sector (providers, trade associations and addiction experts). The Ksa has carefully reviewed the 33 extensive responses. These were mainly focused on the topic of addiction prevention.

Important steps for a safer market
With the introduction of a financial dumping limit, a major step has been taken towards realizing a safer market. When depositing €300 (young adults aged 18 to 24) or €700 (from 24 years) or more, the provider must check whether the player can afford gambling for this one else. If this is not the case (b) appropriate, the provider must block further deposits for that calendar month.

Another important step takes the Ksa by being stricter on the real time monitoring of gambling behaviour. The online game provider must detect, analyze and intervene to respond to a signal or reasonable suspicion of undue participation or gambling addiction within one hour. This requirement applies 24/7. For compliance with the duty of care, the provider must therefore be alert day and night.

Publication and entry into force
Today, the Ksa publishes the adjusted Policy Rule responsibly in the Government Gazette. The policy rule will come into effect immediately. A number of articles on, among other things, the financial dumping limit and the associated obligation of the disposal obligation, are excluded from this and will take effect later, because of the necessary IT adjustments, recruitment of new employees and the necessary preparation time for this. These articles will come into effect on 1 October 2024.

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