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Whow Games launches affiliate program with Income Access

21 May 2020
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Whow Games, the Germany-based developer and publisher of online free-to-play social casino games, has announced the launch of its new affiliate program with Income Access, Paysafe Group’s marketing technology and services provider. Whow Games’ program will be powered by Income Access’ affiliate software platform and leverage the Income Access Network, the iGaming industry’s longest-serving independent affiliate network, to strategically optimize program growth.

Launched in 2015, Whow Games operates the Jackpot and MyJackpotCasino gaming sites, which encompass over 200 playable slot machines and table games. Available in 15 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish, Jackpot and MyJackpot combine to represent one of Europe’s top social casino brands.

Whow Games’ collection of social casino products do not require users to deposit or wager any real money. Affiliates joining the program will promote these brands by leveraging a unique gaming experience, which is designed to appeal to a broad audience and embody both the excitement and atmosphere of playing on a real casino floor. Whow Games further supports player retention by regularly developing new features and events across its products.

Whow Games is compensating affiliates through a tiered commission structure, ranging from 30% to 40%, based on monthly new paying player sign-ups. ‘Paying player’ refers to any player that purchases additional Chips, Boosters, Jokers or any other in-game features.

Affiliates will have access to expert support, provided by the Whow Games affiliate team, which will help them leverage high-quality advertising materials made available through the Income Access Network. The team will also support affiliates in using the platform’s extensive reporting tools to make strategic decisions and promote greater rates of player acquisition and retention.

Sandra Braun, CMO at Whow Games, said: “Whow Games is very excited to collaborate with Income Access, a partnership that gives us the opportunity to take advantage of their innovative and leading technology in combination with their considerable industry experience and knowledge. With their help and the start of our new program, I’m thoroughly convinced that we can make our game platform even more successful and accessible to a broader audience around the world.”

Tara Wilson, SVP and General Manager at Paysafe’s Income Access, said: “We’re happy to support the launch of the Whow Games affiliate program through our software platform and affiliate network. Expanding our reach in the social casino vertical is especially important to our team as we continue to diversify areas in which we can provide guidance with achieving acquisition and brand exposure goals.”

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