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Wannas Affiliate Program

Platinum Sponsor

Affiliate Program Management

Francesca Anna Guevara
Affiliate Manager
GPWA Member: Wannas Official
Precious Claro
Marketing Manager
GPWA Member: Wannas
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Welcome to the Wannas Affiliate Program, a revolutionary approach designed specifically for online gambling affiliates. Unlike traditional Multi-level Marketing (MLM) schemes, our focus is on building a dynamic multi-level sub-affiliate program that maximizes your potential for success.

Upon joining, each member receives a unique code, empowering them to refer players and acquaintances while offering exclusive benefits to those who sign up. The system is ingeniously structured across four levels, inclusive of yourself.

As you progress through these levels, the rewards and benefits grow exponentially. By actively recruiting new members within each level, you can unlock a wealth of additional advantages.

What sets the Wannas Rebate System apart is its inherent inclusivity. We believe that anyone can become a 'Me' member, regardless of their initial placement. Even if you're initially positioned in the first level through a friend's referral, you have the potential to become a 'Me' member by recruiting new members with your own unique code.

Our system is founded upon the principle of fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. We aim to provide every user with the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts, working together towards shared success.

Join the Wannas Affiliate Program today and embark on a rewarding journey as an online gambling affiliate. Together, we can achieve new heights and unlock boundless possibilities.


  • Activity Quota:None
  • Earnings Location Limited:No
  • Licensing Jurisdiction:Curacao
  • Negative Carryover:No
  • Earnings Bundled:No
  • Tracking Cookie Duration:90 Days. However, for affiliates, the lifespan of the cookie becomes inconsequential as member data is accumulated and accessible for an extended period, allowing them to monitor and analyze their performance over a lifetime.
  • Tracking Cookies Overwritten:As we provide a multi-level affiliate system, it is important to note that all affiliate members within the referral tree receive due credit for each referred member. We invite you to explore our affiliate program and its intricacies to better understand the underlying mechanism in place.
  • Affiliate Statistics Software:Proprietary
  • Statistics Update Frequency:Real Time; Loss Rebate - a week
  • Program Admin Fee:None
  • Affiliate T&C:https://wannasbet.io/wannas/affiliate

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The referral tree for the Program may be passed down into three levels.

· Me : You will receive commission based on your own gaming activity.
· Level 1 : Users who sign up for WANNAS using your referred code.
· Level 2 : Users who sign up for WANNAS using the referral code of your level 1 referrals.
· Level 3 : Users who sign up for WANNAS using the referral code of your level 2 referrals.

Commissions are paid out based on the game type and referral tree levels.

Rolling commission (paid out in real-time)
· Me : 0.4% (Rebate)
· Level 1 : 0.2%
· Level 2 : 0.2%
· Level 3 : 0.2%

This scheme will be applied for the commission of the following games: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, and Powerball.
The rolling commission will be calculated using the following formula depending on the active player's level structure:
(Rolling Commission Rate depending on level) x (Total Rolling Amount)

Loss rebate (paid out weekly, every Sunday (GMT 00:00) of the week )

· Me : 4% (Rebate)
· Level 1 : 2%
· Level 2 : 2%
· Level 3 : 2%

This scheme will be applied for the commission of the following games : Slots, Roulette, Casino Hold'em, and Black Jack. No negative turn over.

Tournament Ticket Rebate (paid out in real time)

· Me : 0.4% (Rebate)
· Level 1 : 0.2%
· Level 2 : 0.2%
· Level 3 : 0.2%

All tournament game commissions will be paid out in real time with the rate above depending on the total tournament ticket purchased and utilized.

Main games : WANNAS offers World's 1st baccarat tournament, which has the highest possibility to turn your $30 into $300,000. the player just need to join the tournament and win 4 consecutive times.

How They Pay:

  • Skrill
  • Sticpay
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin
  • Ethereum

Software Platform:

  • Taishan Global Solutions

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