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Poker Arrests Under a 200 Year Old Law!  
10 March 2009
J. Todd talks about internet gaming in Utah, a 207 year old gaming law in South Carolina, and the breaking news that France will legalize online gambling next year. We also look at the legal troubles of a man who tried to auction off his own house, and still have time to talk a little poker!

European Union and Poker Strategy  
3 March 2009
J. Todd breaks down some tournament poker strategy with the Rounders Radio boys, plus discusses interesting stories from current news headlines. Included in this weeks show is the possible effects on internet gambling should the European Union experience internal issues.

Repealing UIGEA and Guest Appearances  
24 February 2009
This week we discuss Barney Franks attempt to repeal the UIGEA, the South Carolina poker twist, and the impending legalization of poker in California. Plus, J Todd's 2 year old daughter crashes the show! Listen up!

Betcha.com update  
17 February 2009
J. Todd talks about the Betcha.com case involving Nick Jenkins and the Washington State Gambling Commission. Plus, will South Carolina be the next state to recognize poker as a skill game? Much more industry news, so Listen Up!

The true CAP London story  
10 February 2009
There's been a lot of news coverage about what really happened with the fist fights at the CAP Conference in London. Now hear the truth from the man who was at the center of the action: J. Todd himself! Listen Up!

Finally -- some good news!  
20 January 2009
J. Todd has some fresh online gaming news including a headline from Pennsylvania, where poker has been declared a skill game! Plus, the Kentucky domain name seizure case has a verdict! More good news! Listen Up!

Utah, Nevada, Kentucky, and terrorism?  
6 January 2009
This week J. Todd has the scoop on what's going on in various US States with online gambling legistlation. Plus, is there a "smoking gun" that ties our industry to terrorism?


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