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Online Gambling Discusion from the U.S. and Europe!  
6 August 2009
This week J Todd discusses online gambling news from Europe, information on a U.S. state that is considering legalizing online gambling, and more lowdown on what's going on in the industry. follow the discussion

In Depth Online Gambling Talk about Vegas and Payment Processors!  
3 August 2009
One of the most in depth Perspectives Now programs, J. Todd and the Rounders Radio crew delve deeply into topics of payment processing, politics, and how Las Vegas and the Europeans will fit into a regulated online gambling industry in the United States! follow the discussion

Here Come the Europeans!  
22 July 2009
This week J Todd talks about the new U.S. Trade Representative and his meeting with the E.U. Trade Ambassador over the online gambling dispute. Plus, a U.K. Gaming Company sets up shop in America to offer online gambling to Americans! follow the discussion

BetOnSports Guilty Pleas and European Union Talk!  
23 June 2009
We always have fun on our podcasts with the Rounders Radio crew, and this week was no exception! We let our hair down for some informal talk about BetOnSports, the European Commission, and other online gambling related topics!

Current Online Gambling News & Analysis  
19 May 2009
J. Todd discusses the most current, up-to-the-minute issues that are affecting the online gambling industry. Plus, poker hand analysis with the Rounders Radio crew!

J Todd talks Poker and Politics!  
12 May 2009
Get all the latest news from the world of online gambling, plus listen to J Todd talk poker strategy with the Rounders Radio hosts, Ace Jones, A Lake of Fire, and DC!

Here Comes Barney Frank!  
5 May 2009
J Todd talks about the new Barney Frank bill to repeal the 2006 UIGEA, and if the bill will make any difference. Plus, how do the Republicans and Democrats stack up when it comes to online gaming? Also, one out of touch Illinois professor tries to tackle online gaming and J Todd's ticked!

J. Todd Leaves the FBI Speechless!  
28 April 2009
In a retrospective show, J Todd takes us back to the very first Perspectives Weekly in 2006, and talks about how the UIGEA does NOT criminalize playing at online casinos. He backs this up with a phone call to the FBI in 2007, and testimony from Congressional hearings!

Carruthers goes the plea bargain route  
7 April 2009
Get the scoop on a ton of online gaming issues, peppered with opinion and informed speculation, as we look at a variety of online gambling news and issues including the David Carruthers guilty plea. follow the discussion

Free trade and online gambling  
24 March 2009
J. Todd looks at what the new U.S. Trade Representative could mean for our industry, and how the European Union's about face plays into the mix. Plus, a warning about the rogue Grand Prive Casino Group and why players & webmasters should be avoiding them!


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