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The Loss of an Industry Icon, Good Friend, and Great Man  
10 August 2010
This weeks show focuses on remembering the "nicest man in online gambling", Allan Leonard, who was affectionately know as the Captain by his many friends in the industry. J Todd and a Lake of Fire also discuss hospitalized poker pro Phil Laak, the Frank Bill, and the NFL dropping their opposition to legalized online gambling. follow the discussion

Perspectives Now's 3rd Anniversary Show!  
3 August 2010
It's the 3rd Anniversary of Perspectives Now! Discussion includes the Frank Bill's passage out of committee, and an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor... with editorial rebuttal from J Todd! follow the discussion

The "Dot Net" Discussions  
13 July 2010
J Todd and A Lake of Fire discuss Harrah's taking credit for the success of poker! Plus, in depth discussion on the "dot net" free-play gaming sites from two very different viewpoints. follow the discussion

Drinkin' and Ramblin' On!  
6 July 2010
J. Todd and A Lake of Fire share lively discussion over a drink (or two) about this weeks online gambling news! follow the discussion

Interview with the Kahnawake  
22 June 2010
With the announcement last week of a new partnership between the Kahnawake Gaming Association and Antigua, J Todd sits down with Chuck Barnett of the Mohawk Internet Technologies advisory board. Discussion includes the partnership and the future of the industry. follow the discussion

From Prague... with Mud  
15 June 2010
J. Todd has returned from Prague with the latest dirt from the world of online gaming! News, opinions, and more on Perspectives Now! follow the discussion

UIGEA Arrest Made?  
18 May 2010
J Todd has comments on the UIGEA arrests in Massachusetts, news of a Canada-wide online gaming corporation forming, and the U.S. Congressional Committee that will review gaming in the states! follow the discussion

Current Online Gambling Discussion  
11 May 2010
J. Todd and "A Lake of Fire" discuss the very latest in online gaming news in this episode of Perspectives Now on Rounders Radio. follow the discussion

The PPA, UIGEA, Czechs and Canucks!  
4 May 2010
Back after some time away, J Todd fills half an hour with news and commentary about the PPA, the UIGEA, the Czech Republic, and British Columbia leagalizing online gaming! Plus, some net neutrality stuff! follow the discussion

Microgaming and other Pig Farmers  
21 March 2010
There's a new poll out on Americans and Online Gambling, plus the story of a pig farmer who made billions in our industry. Those stories and information on our friends at Microgaming. follow the discussion


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